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Pm reader Masen

PM Reader Challenge – The Black Phantom


For this task you need to do some reading out loud. 


  1. You will record a video of yourself reading the first page of your PM Reader.
  2. At the SAME TIME you will use the Voice Typing feature on this Google Doc.


This will give you an opportunity to hear how you read, and to see how accurate your pronunciation is.


Start your Voice Typing the BMX ultra one is the coolest bike on two wheels set to his mother is that right mom replied pulling out a handful of weeds Finn heavied are super loud sigh if affects my social standing to not have a BMX bike he added hopefully you know how important the peer group is to an 11-year-old mum  Shrugged she seemed more interested in a dandelion then in discussing and social standing so do you think I could get BMX ultra one of course then fell a great search of a relief well more a surge of shock really he made a mental to pick up and extra big bunch of roses from the garden of state and I get a terrible frame with spider paint of course said Mom and stunts pigs why not toss the dandelion onto the compass you can have any kind of like you like them as long as you can pay for oh Finn sighed again


Attach the Google Drive link to your video here; 



Once you have finished reading the text, answer these questions;


  1. What type of bike did Finn tell his mother he wanted?bmx ultra one


  1. What is a peer group? Biker club


  1. Why was Pop’s bike called “The Black Phantom”?  Because it was black just like the night


  1. Why didn’t Finn know about The Black Phantom? Because it was made in the 90s


  1. How did Pop feel when Finn said he wanted to earn the bike “spoke by spoke”? Because he did not want to buy one


  1. Why is it better to work hard for something special, than to be given it? Because you must work hard

200 word challenge masen

200 Word Challenge – Descriptive Language

Look at the picture below carefully and complete the table.
Check on the next page for Step 2.

Who is in the photo?
A climber and a cameraman
What is happening in the photo?
The climber is hiking and the cameraman is taking photos.
Where was the photo taken?
At the mountains
What makes this exciting?
It’s a challenge
How do you think the characters feel?
Climber: he feels confident.
Photographer: he is excited.

Write a 200 Word recount as either the CLIMBER or the PHOTOGRAPHER.

Remember; your challenge is to use DESCRIPTIVE Language to SHOW, not TELL your audience what is happening.

Begin your writing here: in this photo you see a man climbing. That’s me ok let’s go back to the start. Last week i was bored and i did not know that there was a big mountain near me and i had forgotten the last time i went rock climbing ahhh memories. But wait I was like “I’m free I bet I can go. Yes I can go” Yay!!! Can’t wait. After that I packed my things and was about to go but I forgot one thing: it was my anchor. After i got that i left when i went to the mountain the mountain was around six KILOMETRES!! Can you believe that? Well, I was not right when I was about to climb. This cameraman came up to me and said, “Are you gonna climb that he said because I can take a video. ?” yes Well even though I was scared I still climbed not only for the viewers but the fun and just like that I climbed and climbed and after seven hours I had finally finished the climb. After that I felt so puffed I felt like my vocals were gonna burst. After all of that, me and the cameraman parted ways the end…