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200 word challenge masen

200 Word Challenge – Descriptive Language

Look at the picture below carefully and complete the table.
Check on the next page for Step 2.

Who is in the photo?
A climber and a cameraman
What is happening in the photo?
The climber is hiking and the cameraman is taking photos.
Where was the photo taken?
At the mountains
What makes this exciting?
It’s a challenge
How do you think the characters feel?
Climber: he feels confident.
Photographer: he is excited.

Write a 200 Word recount as either the CLIMBER or the PHOTOGRAPHER.

Remember; your challenge is to use DESCRIPTIVE Language to SHOW, not TELL your audience what is happening.

Begin your writing here: in this photo you see a man climbing. That’s me ok let’s go back to the start. Last week i was bored and i did not know that there was a big mountain near me and i had forgotten the last time i went rock climbing ahhh memories. But wait I was like “I’m free I bet I can go. Yes I can go” Yay!!! Can’t wait. After that I packed my things and was about to go but I forgot one thing: it was my anchor. After i got that i left when i went to the mountain the mountain was around six KILOMETRES!! Can you believe that? Well, I was not right when I was about to climb. This cameraman came up to me and said, “Are you gonna climb that he said because I can take a video. ?” yes Well even though I was scared I still climbed not only for the viewers but the fun and just like that I climbed and climbed and after seven hours I had finally finished the climb. After that I felt so puffed I felt like my vocals were gonna burst. After all of that, me and the cameraman parted ways the end…