Masen inquiry 2024 term2

Task description: hello my name is masen and this term we have done drama as our inquiry. how it went was really fun we had to bring costumes some of the groups looked like fairy’s and some aliens. Other wise it was fantastic I hope you enjoy this blog. Bye bye… also this is my personal reflections on how it went and what I should next time



 Personal reflection 

  Hello my name is Masen and this term of school we have been learning about drama. And this week we had to perform an act of drama. And this is going to be talking about how I went with my act and what I could do in the future. How I went was really cool and fun. My team and I had a play called in training. It was a  group training for a primary school spelling competition. I was the coach and the others were the trainee’s. We all tried our best in our plays and it was so much fun. The Way I went in my play with my friends was great, it’s just, sometimes I messed up but that did not stop me. What I could do next time is that I should stop stuttering when I speak.Out of all that, it felt great and it was fun. I hope I can do well next time as well. Thank you for reading this bye…