Research task tupuia

Polynesian Explorers
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1. When, and where was Tupaia born?

a) Around 1825 in Rā‘iātea
b) Around 1725 in New Zealand
c) Around 1825 in New Zealand
d) Around 1725 in Rā‘iātea

2. Rā‘iātea is a part of which larger group of islands?

a) Samoa b) Tahiti
c) Rapa Nui d) Micronesia

3. What was the name of the British official sent to secure British rule over NZ?

a) William Johnson b) Abel Tasman
c) William Hobson d) Captain James Cook

4. Only about 20 of the painted hoe that were given to Captain Cook in 1769 by Māori survive.

a) True b) False

5. Describe the role that Tupaia had on board the Endeavour – what did he do on Captain Cook’s ship?

→navigator, translator and helper.

It means translator or decipherer
Tupuia was captain cook translator
It means some kind of ambassador or a peace maker
Tupuia and James Cook were ambassadors to their crew members .
A native or a Aborinalgal being
Tupuia was one of the Aborinalgals of his land.

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