Year: 2022

Fun camp week

Today I will be talking about my FUN FUN CAMP. On Monday, me and my parents were geting ready to go to my camp. When I was about to go I was about to cry but my mum just couldn’t stop crying. But my dad he just took it like a man and only shed a tear.  When I went on the bus the bus driver told me and my friends that IT WAS 20 mins away and I was like oh come on. Day 1  When we arived we had breakfast and we had rice, weetbix and all sorts of other breckfast to eat. When we done eating we were geting organised  with the teams and my team was named the QUAKs the people in the team were Lusion Jabal Jackson and Jackson P. After the organing was finished,  we did the opening devotional and we did heaps of games and we had lunch  then dinner. Day 2  Then me and my room mates woke up ,we went to go have the morning routine but we had a game called spotlight. We had a corndogs for dinner and we had the sports rotation. Day 3 When we had the morning start then we had the sports rotation and we played WATER GAMES and we had a pie for dinner and for lunch a burger. On day 4 we had the morning routine but the games were messy games and we had kayaking at the end of the day  and for lunch we had sausage roll and for dinner a caramel slice with ice cream and after that we went to sleep. Day 5 :Last day when we woke up our leader Doc told us to clean up everything like moping, dustpaning and sweeping. When we were done, we went to put our lugage in the bus ready to come home. When I got back my parents cried happily because I’m home. Thank you for reading my fun week at camp. Hope you enjoyed 🙂 Bye